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Nov 1996
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Big Darby Accord


Brown Township, Franklin County
Extra Edition
November 1996


This annexation attempt consists of 166 acres of land across from Heritage Lakes on the West Side of Alton Darby Creek Road.

The Brown Township Trustees are strongly opposed to this annexation and have stated so in a resolution sent to the mayors of Hilliard and Columbus, the City Councils of both cities, as well as the county commissioners.

If this annexation is approved, it would represent the first intrusion into an Environmental Conservation District created by the Columbus Comprehensive Planning Committee and adopted by the Columbus City Council in their comprehensive plan for the Brown Township area (see below). It is also contrary to the Brown Township Comprehensive Plan.

This 182-lot plan would downgrade the Hamilton Ditch that flows into the Big Darby Creek. It would also violate current zoning regulations of allowable homes per acre in a Franklin County rural area.

This annexation and development will certainly set a precedent for further development in Brown Township.

The public hearing concerning this proposed annexation will be held on December 4th at 10:00 am in the Franklin County Commissioners' hearing Room, located on the 26th floor of 373 South High Street, downtown.

Attend this meeting or express your opposition:

Commissioner Dorothy S. Teater 462-5589 373 South High St.
Commissioner Arlene Shoemaker 462-5729 Columbus, OH 43215
Commissioner Dewey R. Stokes 462-3461 FAX (614) 462-5999


The text below has been copied directly from the 1993 Columbus Comprehensive Plan, page 115

An area at the extreme western edge of the planning area, generally west of Clover Groft Ditch, south of Hayden Run Road, and north of Broad Street, has been identified as an Environmental Conservation District. The two primary development limitations in the district are hydric soils and the district's proximity to the Big Darby watershed.

Hydric soils have characteristics influenced by exposure to water over extended periods. These soils have severe surface and subsurface drainage problems, resulting in significant development limitations. Hydric soils cover about 16% of Franklin County, but nearly half of the western Environmental Conservation District.

Big Darby Creek, located on the western edge of Franklin County, provides habitat to more than 35 rare and endangered species. It is a designated state scenic river and is under consideration for national scenic river status. Big Darby Creek recently received international attention when it was designated by the Nature Conservancy as one of the dozen last great places in the Western Hemisphere.

The Nature Conservancy is conducting a Big Darby project to develop a cooperative inter-jurisdictional plan for protecting the watershed. The effort has been rewarded with unprecedented involvement of dozens of agencies and hundreds of individuals. In cooperation with the Nature Conservancy, Metro Parks is establishing a park along the Big Darby north of I-70, west of Amity Road, south of Scioto-Darby Creek Road.

While great strides have been made to protect the Big Darby, risks to the watershed still exist. Gradual land use changes from agriculture to residential and light manufacturing have caused a slight downward trend in the biological diversity of the stream. It is of the utmost importance that the Big Darby Watershed be protected from further degradation.

It is the recommendation of the Columbus Comprehensive Plan that the City of Columbus:
Protect the district from inappropriate use


Discourage development in the district


Not extend the Big Run subtrunk or any other centralized sewer facilities to serve any portion of the district


Not extend water distribution facilities into the district


Support the efforts of Brown and Prairie Townships to preserve open space and discourage high density development within the district


Support the creation of a Metro Park along Big Darby Creek in Brown Township


Cooperate with current and future efforts to preserve the environmental quality of the Big Darby watershed

By Gary Dever, Brown Township Trustee

Recently, you may have received a letter from Mr. Ray Graves, vice President of FoxFire Golf Club, about a proposal for a public golf course and single family development on Amity Road in Brown Township. This project would be on the East Side of Amity Road at the end of Beach Road and within 1200 feet of the national and state scenic river, the Big Darby.

Mr. Graves has given us an estimate of approximately 25,000 to 26,000 persons per season playing the course. In addition, 120 single family homes would be clustered towards the middle of the course on less than -acre lots utilizing a common community well and an on-site sewage treatment plant. A clubhouse with a bar, which would be rented for wedding receptions, parties, etc., would be located on the northern end of the course near a public swimming pool and associated parking lot.

Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission tells us the average family makes 10 trips a day to and from their home. That, in itself, creates 1,200 extra vehicles on Amity Road daily. Mr. Graves says tee times are 10 minutes apart. That is at least 1 car, possibly 4, every 10 minutes. In a clubhouse with a liquor license, will there be designated drivers? Now, consider the already heavy truck traffic along Amity Road at speeds exceeding 55 miles per hour. We must also consider dangerous curves, school busses and the bicyclists. Additional police protection by the Franklin County Sheriff will certainly become an issue.

The Darby Creek Advocate tells us the course will be constructed along 2 intermittent tributaries of the Big Darby Creek. They also tell us that according to the Watershed Protection Techniques, summer 1994: " the average farm uses 184 lbs. per acre of nitrogen fertilizer, 5.8 lbs. of herbicide and 5.8 lbs. of pesticide per year. The average golf course applies to its greens: 213 lbs. of nitrogen fertilizer, 10.4 lbs. of herbicide and 45.1 lbs. of pesticides". This is a significant increase to a national scenic waterway.

In a booklet titled Protecting the Aquatic Environment from the Effects of Golf Courses, when screening potential sites for a golf course, characteristics should include:


The layout of the course will permit a wooded buffer of at least 100 feet in width along all streams, wetlands, lakes, ponds or other waterways.


Extremely sensitive species of aquatic life, such as trout, shellfish, striped bass or rare, threatened or endangered species are not located downstream or in the area affected by the site.


Parking lots, buildings and other impervious surfaces are sited on silos, which are suitable for the infiltration of stormwater.

It should also be noted that there are 5 golf courses within 10-20 minutes of this proposed public course:
Heritage Golf Club, private


Bolton Field Learning Center, public


Raymond Memorial Golf Course, public


National Road Golf Course, public


Thornapple Country Club, public

Clearly, there may not be a public course of this quality in the Hilliard area, but do we need one in Brown Township? If there is irreparable harm to the Big Darby because of the effects of this course, what can we do then? Once the homes are built and the traffic comes, it will be too late.

Think about this: "A watershed is an area of land that drains to a given point. Water from your land drains to small tributaries that flow into larger streams that flow into the Darbys. NO matter where you live in this watershed, the choices you make may affect the water in the rest of the watershed. We are all a part of this system". The Darby Book

Contact your elected county commissioners and voice your opinion about the proposed Amity Road Golf Course Community and the Hilliard Annexation into Brown Township

Commissioner Dorothy S. Teater 462-5589 373 South High St.
Commissioner Arlene Shoemaker 462-5729 Columbus, OH 43215
Commissioner Dewey R. Stokes 462-3461 FAX (614) 462-5999

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