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Dec 21, 2009
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Big Darby Accord


In Attendance:
Trustees: Chair Gary Dever, Ron Williams, Pam Sayre
Fiscal Officer: Barb Bloxam
Asst. to Board of Trustees: Elizabeth Clark

Call meeting to order: Chair Dever called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance: Chair Dever led the Pledge of Allegiance upon opening the meeting.

Fiscal Officer Bloxam led the swearing in of re-elected officers Gary Dever and Ronald Williams to serve a 4
year term in office as Trustees beginning Jan. 1, 2010.

Minutes of meetings held Oct 9th and Oct 16th 2009:
Meeting minutes were reviewed. Trustee Williams moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Trustee Dever.
The motion passed unanimously.

Fiscal Actions:
Bills were presented for payment. Trustee Dever moved to approve payment of the bills seconded by Trustee Williams.
Action to pay bills approved unanimously and the motion was passed.

Franklin County Sheriff Report:
Franklin County Sheriff Officers reported house thefts in the area. They believe the last two thefts occurred during the day when
residents were not at home. Witnesses noticed and white van and white station wagon driving in the areas during this period of time.
Residents are encouraged to watch homes in their neighborhood and report any suspicious activity to the Franklin County sheriffs office.

Elizabeth Clark, Asst. to Board of Trustees, Report:
Town Center Master Plan - The Town Center Master Plan Request for Proposals (RFP) was released to potential consultants
on November 26. Proposals are due on January 18. The client group will meet again soon to make decisions about the
selection process. Cost-sharing for the Town Center Master Plan has been altered to a formula in which the City of Columbus
will contribute $50,000, the two townships will contribute a maximum of about $84,000 each, and the Franklin County Economic
Development and Planning Department will contribute the rest of the estimated $500,000 cost.

Open Space Advisory Council - The Big Darby Accord Working Group has reached a tentative conclusion on selection of
an agency to staff and manage the Open Space Advisory Council on a volunteer basis. That decision will be finalized over
the next couple of weeks.

Revenue-Raising Group - A meeting of the Revenue-Raising Group, including attorneys working with the various
jurisdictions, will be held on December 18 to discuss the role of the proposed annexation agreement in memorializing revenue decisions.

Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel - The Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel will meet on December 11 to hear a presentation
from staff on the development process and the Panelís role and position in it.

Big Darby Accord Working Group - The Big Darby Accord Working Group met on November 28 and heard updates from the
other groups.

Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown - Trustee Sayre and I met with Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown on
December 4. Commissioner Brown expressed her support for the Big Darby Accord and the role of the cooperating governments
in bringing it to fruition.

Coming Events

bulletBig Darby Accord Advisory Panel, December 11, 1:30 p.m., Franklin County Memorial Hall
bulletRevenue-Raising Group, December 18, 2 p.m., Franklin County Memorial Hall
bulletBig Darby Accord Working Group, December 19, 9 a.m., Franklin County Memorial Hall.

Trustee Williams requested an interest in meeting with other townships currently involved in the Revenue-Raising discussions
of the proposed annexation agreement in memorializing revenue decisions. Beth Clark said she would act upon the request and
update the Trustees regarding the progress.

Old Business:
Roof and siding repairs have been completed at the firestation and township hall.

New Business:
Proposals for 2010 services and products used by the township was presented by Fiscal Officer Bloxam. Township property lawn
and landscape services, property insurance and propane was priced. Mr. Bruce Jaynes from Ohio Gas presented services and
pricing from his company to the Trustees. The Trustees requested further time to gather information and will continue the review
at the next meeting.

The 2010 contract for services from Loveland & Brosious was presented by Fiscal Officer Bloxam. The Trustees reviewed and
discussed the contract. Trustee Williams moved to accept the contract for legal services provided by Loveland & Brosious recorded as
Resolution 1221-01. Trustee Sayre seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Fiscal Officer Bloxam present the final draft of the proposed 2010 Appropriation Budget. Trustee Sayre moved to accept and
submit the 2010 Appropriation Budget recorded as Resolution #1221-02. Trustee Williams seconded the motion. The motion
passed unanimously.

Fiscal Officer Bloxam requested to donate all replaced computer components to the Norwich Fire Dept. office located at Walker Rd.
after removing all township data. Trustee Sayre made a motion to approve the donation. The motion was seconded by
Trustee Dever. All Trustees voted unanimously to approve the motion and it was passed. The data was removed and the Norwich
Fire Dept. personnel were very grateful to have an additional computer and printer in their office.

Fiscal Officer Bloxam reminded the Trustees the special meeting to complete end of the year business will be held December 30,
2009 at 5:00 p.m.

Audience Discussions:
There were no audience discussions.

With no further business, Trustee Williams made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Trustee Dever. The meeting was
adjourned at 10:10 p.m. after a unanimous vote.

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