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Feb 16, 2009
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Big Darby Accord


In Attendance
Trustees: Pam Sayre, Gary Dever, Ron Williams absent
Fiscal Officer: Barb Bloxam absent
Asst. to Board of Trustees:

Call meeting to order: Chair Dever called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance: Chair Dever led the Pledge of Allegiance upon opening the meeting.

Minutes of meetings held January 19, 2009
The minutes were reviewed by the Trustees. After minor edits, Trustee Sayre made a motion to approve the minutes seconded by Trustee Dever. The motion passed unanimously.

Fiscal Actions
Bills were presented for payment. Trustee Dever moved to approve payment of the bills seconded by Trustee Sayre. Action to pay bills was approved unanimously.

Norwich Fire Department Report:
There was no report presented from Norwich Fire Department.

Franklin County Sheriff Report:
Franklin County Sheriff Cpl Goodrich reported, as requested by the trustees, the details of the break in that occurred last month on Walker Rd. The suspect was a male Hispanic that kicked in the door to the residence. While walking through the residence the home owners’ son met with him and pushed the suspect. The suspect then fled the home. The officer presented information for a neighborhood watch and homeowner’s safety checklist for the newsletter.

Elizabeth Clark, Asst. to Board of Trustees, Report:
Beth was not in attendance, but the following report was submitted and accepted by the trustees.

Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel
On February 10, the Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel adopted revised by-laws and recommended approval of the new Pleasant Township Comprehensive Plan.

Big Darby Accord Revenue Raising Group
A staff meeting of four partner jurisdictions (Brown and Prairie Townships, Franklin County, and City of Columbus) was held on January 23. Mike Reese, Mayor Coleman’s Chief of Staff, and Don Brown, Franklin County Administrator, were among those in attendance. The purpose of the meeting was to assess the status of various implementation activities of the Big Darby Accord, including the revenue program, the Town Center Master Plan, any needed transportation studies, and utilities agreements; the needed stakeholder and elected officials outreach; and next steps.

The staff group decided that the four governments (or more if others join) should advance three initiatives over the next few months:

bulletThe revenue program, as recently revised (dated February 3, 2009 and attached) in a form that more fully explains the plan background and accomplishments since adoption. No substantive changes were made to the revenue sources and uses as presented in previous versions.
bulletThe Town Center Master Plan, the scope of which contains important land use and transportation components.
bulletFor the city and county, an agreement for the extension of utilities without annexation to property near Galloway that was zoned before the Accord was adopted.

The group recognizes that adoption of these legislative initiatives is possible only with support of elected officials, so briefings and re-briefings are now taking place.

Additionally, Franklin County Engineer Dean Ringle, who attended at the request of Mike Reese, explained that three related transportation studies are needed:

  1. Transportation study associated with the Town Center Master Plan (which is included in the TCMP scope and for which funding has been identified);
  2. Assuming an interchange is identified in that work, an Interchange Justification Study would be required by ODOT; and
  3. A comprehensive study of transportation needs in the Darby Accord planning area. The latter two items would be conducted only after the Town Center Master Plan work. Funding has not been identified for these elements.

Finally, there was discussion of a public meeting of all elected officials. Several expressed concern that such a meeting would more likely be negative than positive at this time. It was agreed that the question could be revisited after briefings and re-briefings of all elected officials is complete.

Big Darby Accord Working Group
The Big Darby Accord Working Group scheduled for January 28 was cancelled due to bad weather.

Annexation Agreement
Tracy Hatmaker, Don Brosius, and I met on February 3 to discuss the details of the needed annexation agreement. It was decided that the agreement should be as simple as possible and first address the provision of utilities without annexation and later be amended to include sections dealing with the county/township relationship on revenue.

Conservation Development Zoning
The first meeting of the conservation development zoning regulation stakeholders group was held on February 5. The group is scheduled to meet eight times at twice-monthly intervals and will review the regulation one section at a time with the objective of having a consensus regulation ready for adoption by summer.

Ohio Township Association Winter Meeting
I attended several sessions of the Ohio Township Association Winter Meeting, including those on annexation agreements, JEDDs, TIFs, and creative township management.

Sustainable Growth Working Committee
At the invitation of Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, I am participating as a member of the Sustainable Growth Working Committee, an arm of MORPC’s Center for Energy and the Environment. The group is charged with developing mechanisms for local governments to encourage more sustainable growth patterns. The first meeting was February 11 and the group is scheduled to meet every other month.

Coming Events

bulletConservation Development Zoning Regulation Stakeholders Group, 150 S. Front St., FSL 10.
bulletBig Darby Accord Advisory Panel, 1:30 p.m., March 10, 373 S. High St., Meeting Room A
bulletFranklin County Commissioners’ Hearing on Annexation Case # ANX-EXPII 02-09 for about 424 acres of territory in Norwich and Brown Townships for annexation to the City of Hilliard, 9 a.m., March 3, 373 S. High Street, 26th Floor
bulletStormwater Advisory Committee, 1 p.m., February 18, 940 Dublin Road
bulletBig Darby Accord Working Group, 9 a.m., February 25, 150 S. Front St., FSL 10

Audience Discussions
Resident Cindy Jacobson who lives on Roberts Rd. reported to the trustees that grade stakes have appeared on property owned by the Homewood Assoc. and she questioned if they were planning to begin development of this area. Trustee Dever told her they could have been placed to prepare for the stream restoration project that is scheduled to begin late summer, early fall of 2009.

Resident Pete Weber representing the homeowner’s assoc. for Abbey Chase Ct. wants the private road that now exists to become a public road so it will be maintained and have snow/ice removal. Trustee Dever responded that the township cannot accept additional roads because of limited resources from the general fund. He added, currently, Brown Twp. does not have a road maintenance levy to keep costs down for our residents.

Old Business
The Ohio Township Assoc. conference was attended by Trustee Dever, Elizabeth Clark and Fiscal Officer Bloxam. Trustee Dever reported he attended a session regarding grants. He explained they have to be prepared ahead of time and added a company located in Canton will assist if necessary. JEDD’s with other municipalities and townships in agreements with annexations and development. He added this could be something of interest to our township. He brought back booklets to share with other trustees to update them as well. Don Brosius was also in attendance at the conference and can also assist if needed.

New Business:
The annual township liability insurance policy is due to renew. Presentations were made by Mr. Ed Barber from Burnham & Flower Insurance Group and Ms. Sherry Doughty representing Rinehart-Walters-Danner. After comparing the coverage and costs, Trustee Dever moved to accept the proposal submitted by Rinehart-Walters-Danner under The Ohio Plan at $5,842.00 with update on personal property. Trustee Sayre seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

With no further business, Trustee Dever made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Trustee Sayre. The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m. after a unanimous approval vote.

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