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Other meetings, when held, are advertised at least 24 hours in advance with time and location.

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June 1999
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Brown Township, Franklin County
Vol. 1, No. 13
June 1999

Construction Progress Report May 10, 1999

The artist's rendering of the fire station shows what the station will look like from Walker Road. The bays need to face the road for easier ingress and egress. The trustees were interested in a structure resembling a barn to complement the rural atmosphere. Jim Mitchell, from Meacham and Apel, was able to come up with a design, which is very functional and appealing as well. The first floor will be strictly for fire fighters; a bunkroom, day room, kitchen, weight room, offices, etc. The entryway will include an elevator and a stairway to lead to the second floor for the township to use. Upstairs, there will be an office for the township clerk, a work area for township business, storage and a township meeting room that can also be used for firefighter training sessions. Of course, public restrooms will be available on both levels.

As of May 10th, the masonry work has been completed in the bay area. The elevator pit has also been completed and has been waterproofed. The rough electric and underground plumbing ahs passed inspection. The floor in the office/bunk/day room area is ready to be poured and the trusses are ready to be put together. Construction is on schedule for completion in October weather permitting and God willing.

Submitted by Deputy Steve Reed

Let me introduce myself. I am Deputy Steve Reed and a member of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. I currently am a Community Policing Officer and work part of the time at the Sheriff's Community Service Center located within the Westland Mall. The rest of the time, my partner, Maggie Brown, works at the Center. Our phone number is 279-3096, which has voice mail so you may leave a message if the line is busy. I also want to inform you of the radio room phone number, which is 462-3333 or if, an emergency, dial 911.

It has recently been brought to my attention that due to the new construction in the area (Dellinger Road) that there have been some thefts occurring to building materials from job sites. I urge you to find out who the job foreman or general contractors are working on homes near you should a suspicious person or vehicle be on the job site, you can get a description and/or a license plate number if possible, Make a call to get a cruiser to respond and then follow up with a call to the person in charge of the job site to make sure it was not a subcontractor. If the vehicle or person is OK, you can call back and cancel the cruiser.

I have also been made aware that a lot of you have been leaving your garage doors up. This is only a sure way to show a thief what you have stored in your garage and makes you an attractive target. These are just a few of the most popular items usually stolen from garages:


Golf Clubs


Lawn Mowers





The garage entrance door is another area to check frequently to make sure that the door is locked. A dead bolt usually works best when it has a striker plate that has been installed with longer case hardened screws tying the studs together at the most critical point.

If you should have any questions concerning the things I have mentioned, call me at the above listed number or stop by the center for literature on crime prevention tips.
Remember, crime prevention starts at home. Have a safe and crime free day!

Note: Deputy Reed usually attends our monthly trustee meetings.

Brown Township

Month......Offenses...Stolen Property Value...Damaged Property Value
January........6............$ 6,345.00...................$ .00
February.......6............$25,319.00................$ 275.00
April.........10............$ 8,490.00................$ 472.00
Totals........22............$40,154.00................$ 747.00

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