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May 16, 2009
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Big Darby Accord


In Attendance:
Trustees: Pam Sayre, Ron Williams, Gary Dever absent
Fiscal Officer: Barb Bloxam
Asst. to Board of Trustees: Elizabeth Clark

Call meeting to order: Trustee Williams called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance: Trustee Williams led the Pledge of Allegiance upon opening the meeting.

Minutes of meetings held March 16 , 2009; April 20 & 27,2009:
Minutes will be presented for review and approval. Trustee Sayre moved to approve the minutes for meetings held March 16, 2009 and April 17, 2009 and with corrections, to approve the minutes of the meeting held April 20, 2009. Trustee Williams seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

Fiscal Actions:
Bills were presented for payment in the amount of $9,719.11. Trustee Sayre moved to approve payment of the bills seconded by Trustee Williams. Action to pay bills was approved unanimously.

The April bank statement report was presented with receipts for the month at $57,998.11 and expenses at $16,593.16 resulting in a bank balance of $2,026,912.36.

ADP payroll services processed the first payroll for township employees. Payroll reports were distributed and fiscal officer Bloxam explained the gross wages, withholdings and check processing. The trustees asked withholding questions regarding federal tax withholdings. IRS form W-4 forms were completed to make any changes to number of allowances or additional withholding.

Norwich Fire Department Report:
A fire representative did not attend. No report was given.

Franklin County Sheriff Report:
Franklin County Sheriff deputies reported no home break-ins or burglaries over the last month, but noted that unfortunately a number of vehicles located in the parking lots of the parks were broken into resulting in minor damage and theft. They asked citizens not to keep valuables in vehicles and to make sure they are locked.

Elizabeth Clark, Asst. to Board of Trustees, Report:
Big Darby Accord Revenue
Columbus City Council and the Prairie Township Trustees approved the Big Darby Accord Revenue Program in April.

Town Center Master Plan
Columbus City Council and the Prairie Township Trustees approved the Big Darby Accord Town Center Master Plan participation agreement and consultant selection in April. Representatives of the four client group jurisdictions (Brown Township, Prairie Township, City of Columbus and Franklin County) met on April 21 to begin to fine-tune the consultant scope of services in anticipation of executing a contract..

Utilities Without Annexation
Columbus City Council approved in April two contracts with Franklin County to provide centralized sewer and water services without annexation to a portion of Prairie Township. These contracts are expected to be a model for similar contracts to provide centralized sewer and water services without annexation to the Town Center.

Conservation Development Zoning
The conservation development zoning regulation stakeholders group continues to meet to review the regulation one section at a time with the objective of having a consensus regulation ready for adoption later this year. The meetings have been particularly constructive with representatives of all interests contributing.

Alternative Wastewater Treatment Systems
A small working group made up of representatives of Brown and Prairie townships, Franklin County, MORPC, and the Building Industry Association held its second meeting on May 7 to review the work of several BIA engineers to develop a scope of services for the infrastructure planning needed to implement alternative wastewater treatment systems necessary for conservation development. Based on discussion at the meeting, the scope will be revised and redistributed for further comment. The new employee of the Franklin County Sanitary Engineer’s Office, Stephen Renner, is enthusiastic about alternative wastewater treatment systems and has worked with such systems.

NPDES Stormwater Planning Event
Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District and the Franklin County Engineer’s Office held a stormwater planning event on April 23 intended to educate participants about requirements of the NPDES permit and develop the framework of a stormwater plan.

Pleasant Township
Tracy Hatmaker and I have met in two separate sessions with Pleasant Township Trustees Keith Goldhardt and Nancy Hunter to bring them up to date on Big Darby Accord implementation. Pleasant Township is expected to act on the revenue program soon.

Commissioner Marilyn Brown
Tracy Hatmaker, Ellen Walker, and I met with Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown on May 6 to discuss the role of the Franklin County Engineer and the local fire chiefs organization in the update of the Franklin County subdivision regulations. A follow-up meeting has been scheduled with the Franklin County Engineer and his staff.

Open Space Advisory Council
The Open Space Advisory Council Leadership Group met on May 14 to finalize the agenda for the May 21 OSAC meeting. An Ohio EPA representative will discuss the relationship of open space to achieving the TMDL (total maximum daily load requirements).

Coming Events

bulletBig Darby Accord Working Group, May 19, 1 p.m., 150 S. Front St.
bulletStormwater Advisory Council, May 20, 1 p.m., Franklin County Engineer’s Office
bulletOpen Space Advisory Council, May 21, 9 a.m., MORPC
bulletConservation Development Stakeholders Group, June 3, 9 a.m., 150 S. Front St.
bulletBig Darby Accord Advisory Panel, June 9, 1:30 p.m., 373 S. High St.

Audience Discussions:
An audience member asked if Brown Township has a noise ordinance. He shared, in his opinion, that adjoining neighbors disturb him and his wife with excessive noise and dust coming from dirt bikes. Trustees Williams and Sayre informed him consideration was made recently for a noise ordinance in the township, but residents opposed the issue.

An audience member asked if the trustees would research the possibility of adding a message board on the township website. She stated she was unaware of any robberies within the township until the newsletter arrived. She was told they would look into the options, costs and feasibility for some type of messaging on the existing website.

Old Business:
Fiscal Officer Bloxam shared with the trustees the auditor has not been able to provide a date for the review do to a current backlog of work.

Franklin County Board of Health letters were reviewed by the trustees. There were no discussions.

New Business:
Trustee Sayre suggested review of our current elevator contract and make comparisons with a quote received from ThyssenKrupp Elevator in an effort to decrease the cost of maintenance and increase service.

Fiscal Officer Bloxam shared information and quotes received from meeting with One Communications to consider changing phone service to reduce costs. Reviews and further discussions will occur in the future.

Elizabeth Clark, Asst. to Board of Trustees, presented a revision of the Big Darby Revenue Program. She requested the review and decision of the trustees to accept the current plan as written. She emphasized that tax incremental financing will occur only on new development. After discussion, Trustee Sayre made a motion to accept the Big Darby Revenue Plan revision April, 9, 2009. The motion was seconded by Trustee Williams and passed unanimously.

Elizabeth Clark, Asst. to Board of Trustees, presented the Big Darby Accord Town Center Master Plan Participation Agreement. She requested the review and decision of the trustees to accept the contract as written.

Brown Township would pay 17% of the total cost of $500,000.00 or $85,000.00. The trustees reviewed and discussed the master plan. Audience member and resident, Harold Jerman, requested to speak. He expressed, that in his opinion, this is a waste of the taxpayer money. He stated with the current economy and conditions within the projected area of the town center that the majority of people paying these taxes will never benefit from this project. The trustees noted that the money for the master plan will come from estate taxes, specifically a windfall from a deceased resident and landowner, and not from real estate taxes.

Trustee Sayre made a motion to approve the Big Darby Accord Town Center Master Plan Participation Agreement and to the payment of $85,000.00 and Trustee Williams seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Trustee Williams thanked Mr. Jerman for his comments and told him he felt this was the right thing to do.

With no further business, Trustee Williams made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Trustee Sayre. The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m. after a unanimous approval vote.

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