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 By Franklin County [website]
Oct 19, 2009
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In Attendance:
Trustees: Pam Sayre, Ron Williams (Gary Dever absent)
Fiscal Officer: (Barb Bloxam absent)
Asst. to Board of Trustees: Elizabeth Clark

Call meeting to order: Trustee Williams called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance: Trustee Williams led the Pledge of Allegiance upon opening the meeting.

Minutes of meetings held September 14,, 2009:
Minutes of the meetings held Sep 14, 2009 was presented to the Trustees for review and approval. Trustee Sayre moved to approved the minutes, seconded by Trustee Williams. The motion was approved unanimously.

Fiscal Actions:
Bills were presented for payment. Trustee Sayre moved to approve payment of the bills seconded by Trustee Williams. Action to pay bills was approved unanimously. September 2009 bank statements and reconciliation reports was presented. Trustee Sayre moved to approve the reports seconded by Trustee Williams. The motion was approved unanimously. October 2009 payroll reports were distributed for review. Trustee Sayre moved to approve payroll, seconded by Trustee Williams. The motion carried unanimously.

Norwich Fire Department Report:
No report was presented.

Franklin County Sheriff Report:
Several more break-ins occurred this month. There are indications that they are linked to others in Brown Township and two in Prairie Township. The Franklin County Sheri9ffs’ office is looking for late 90s/early 2000s white Chevrolet Impala or Caprice with a handicapped placard. Witnesses identified the driver as a white male.

Elizabeth Clark, Asst. to Board of Trustees, Report:
Town Center Master Plan
Work on the Town Center Master Plan has begun. The contract was approved by the Franklin County Commissioners on October 13 under a participation agreement among Franklin County, City of Columbus, Brown Township, and Prairie Township.

The Urban Design Associates consultant team will be here during the week of October 26 for development of and analysis of base information. The information will include hard data, such as land use, traffic and transit data, utility and stormwater data, ecological and historical information as well as information from interviews, focus groups, and an initial public meeting. The purpose of the public meeting is threefold – to introduce the planning process and the planning team, to obtain public input early in the process, and to identify conflicts and controversial areas of concern.

The Advisory Committee that will work with jurisdiction staff and the consultant team throughout the process is made up of the following members: Jim Hilz, BIA; Ron Sabatino, developer; John Bain, residential developer; George Sicaras, developer; Ashley Hoye, representing a property owner in Town Center area; Dianne Bradford, property owner; Sandy Fry, property owner; Nancy Reger, MORPC, John O’Meara, Metro Parks; Anthony Sasson, The Nature Conservancy; Emily Weber, Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District; Dale McVey, Hilliard City Schools; Bill Wise, South Western City Schools; John Tetzloff, Darby Creek Association; Dwight McCabe, National Association of Industrial and Office Parks; Bob Gable, ODNR; Mike Gallaway, OEPA, and Dan Dudley, OEPA.

Conservation Development Zoning
The conservation development zoning regulation stakeholders group continues to meet to review the regulation one section at a time with the objective of producing a consensus regulation. The group is meeting every two weeks.

Stormwater Advisory Council
The Stormwater Advisory Council met on September 23 and reviewed various schemes for possible use in prioritizing stormwater projects.

The consultants and staff members of the Franklin County Drainage Engineer addressed a recent meeting of the Franklin County Township Association to review progress and next steps in the stormwater management plan and utility study to mixed reviews.

Open Space Advisory Council
The Big Darby Accord Open Space Advisory Council was scheduled to meet October 19 to take a field trip to several stream restoration projects.

Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel
The Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel met on October 13 and heard a presentation from NRCS and approved a change to the by-laws authorizing appointment of alternate members. Brown Township is the first jurisdiction to have an alternate, based on the Trustees’ action earlier this year to appoint Melissa Brinkerhoff as an alternate to Joe Martin.

Franklin County Development Department reports that there are expected to be two City of Hilliard development proposals for review at the November Panel meeting. No details are yet available.

Coming Events
• Conservation Development Regulations Stakeholders Group, 9 a.m., October 21, Lazarus Building
• Big Darby Accord Working Group, 9 a.m., October 28, Lazarus Building
• Town Center Master Plan Public Meeting, 7 p.m., October 28, Prairie Township Hall
• Conservation Development Regulations Stakeholders Group, 9 a.m., November 4, Lazarus Building
• Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel, 1:30 p.m., November 10, 373 S. High St., First Floor

Audience Comments:
Several audience members in attendance commented on ongoing problems with wells. Several now have sulphur odor. Trustee Williams said he had contacted Jim Raab of ODNR who believes the cause is not Bradley High School. Next steps might be to contact the National Water Well Association or an attorney. Trustee Williams said he would contact Jim Raab again with the additional information.

An audience member suggested the Trustees consider creating an email distribution list to enable quick notification of township items of interest. Trustees responded that they will consider it and reminded audience members of the website, the newsletter, and the ability of residents to email or call trustees at any time.

An audience member suggested inquiring into why new traffic lights operate 24 hours a day when flashing lights could suffice at low traffic times.
A further suggestion was to split the school zone into two parts instead of one extended zone.

With no further business, Trustee Sayre made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Trustee Williams. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m. after a unanimous approval vote.

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