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Sep 10, 2007
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Learn about the
Big Darby Accord


In Attendance:
Trustees: Chair Ron Williams, Gary Dever
Fiscal Officer: Barb Bloxam
Executive Asst. to Board of Trustees: Elizabeth Clark

Call meeting to order: Chair Williams called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.
Pledge of Allegiance: Chair Williams led the Pledge of Allegiance upon opening the meeting.

Minutes of meeting held August 27, 2007
Minutes were reviewed. Trustee moved to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Trustee Williams and both approved with yeas.

Fiscal Actions:
Payables were presented. Trustee Dever moved to approve payment of the bills and was seconded by Trustee Williams. Motion to pay bills approved unanimously. Fiscal Officer Bloxam explained use of vouchers for trustee review and approval to initiate online payments for partial payables. She explained tax payments and OPERS payments are preferred to be reported and paid online and is cost efficient.

Chief Long distributed the Brown Township reported the Norwich Hilliard staff would be moving to their temporary facilities approximately 9/21/2007 while the current location is under construction. The expected completion date is approximately 400 days. There will be no interruption in services or changes with contacts or phone numbers.

Elizabeth Clark, Executive Assistant to the Trustees reported the following:

Big Darby Accord One-Year Anniversary
The one-year anniversary of the completion and adoption of the Big Darby Accord was celebrated on September 7 by a hike and streamside demonstration at the creek in Battelle Darby Metro Park. Officials from the participating jurisdictions attended and participated, as well as representatives from other agencies and organizations. A progress report has been prepared by the jurisdictions and was released after the event and can be reviewed and printed on the Brown Township website. Printed copies may be obtained at the administration office. Please email Fiscal Officer Bloxam at and arrangements will be made to provide copies as requested.

Big Darby Accord Working Group (BDAWG)
The group met on August 29 and discussed the following items:

bulletThe Zoning Working Group met on August 8 and has finalized a Big Darby Accord activity summary for distribution at the adoption anniversary event.
bulletBig Darby Accord Advisory Panel had agreed to hear a development case from the City of Hilliard, but the developer was unwilling to go to the Panel for information purposes at one meeting and recommendation at a later meeting so the case will not be heard by the Panel. The September 11 Panel meeting will feature a Columbus case.
bulletRevenue-raising group – It was decided that no meeting will be held on September 19, but if there is a need for a revenue-raising group meeting, it will be held in conjunction with the September 26 working group meeting. Township and county staff members will meet this week with the consultant to continue a discussion of issues of particular interest to those jurisdictions.
bulletTown Center Master Plan – An update was provided on the public meeting held the previous evening, which included a PowerPoint presentation presenting background information, an input exercise, and distribution of applications to serve on the Town Center Procurement Committee.
bulletCommunity-based alternative wastewater treatment – County Sanitary Engineer Tom Shockley is staffing up to begin work on this initiative in September. To date, he has been waiting for resources to devote to the effort. The group decided to identify interested property owners to serve as a case study to facilitate the sanitary engineer’s office’s work. (Paul Rosile also provided a brief explanation of the rule on individual on-lot systems, now going through a public hearing process by the Franklin County Board of Health. The new rule supports language prepared by the Board of Health for the Big Darby Accord.) Tom Shockley will be invited to attend the next Working Group meeting.
bulletPost-construction monitoring regulations – An update will be provided at the next meeting.
bulletOpen Space Advisory Committee – Group members discussed how OSAC members should be appointed -- by jurisdictions who have adopted the Accord or all the original participating jurisdictions? No conclusion was reached. The group also discussed engaging an agency to staff and manage the committee on a volunteer basis. I have drafted and circulated to the group for review a “job description” to which agencies can respond. The group discussed approaching such agencies as Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, Metro Parks, The Ohio State University Extension Watershed Academy, and possibly others. It is hoped OSAC can be convened before the end of the year.
bulletBalanced Growth Initiative – Susan Ashbrook sought the group’s guidance on whether the Big Darby Accord should participate in an effort involving a variety of state agencies, the objective of which is to identify state incentives for balanced growth planning. The group agreed that several members of the BDAWG should attend an upcoming meeting to learn more.
bulletHilliard resolution – Hilliard Law Director Pam DeDent announced that Hilliard had adopted a resolution “supporting the environmental goals and practices established by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s ‘208 Plan’ and general storm water permit requirements for the Big Darby Watershed.” She indicated the resolution gives Hilliard administrative authority to develop regulations under the 208 plan and general storm water permits requirements.

Town Center Master Plan
The first phase of the consultant procurement contract is complete, including focus groups, an open house, a public meeting, and some input work. Applications to serve on the Town Center Procurement Committee were due to the consultants on September 7 and the committee is expected to be selected by mid-September.

Big Darby Accord Revenue-Raising
A meeting among township and county staff and the consultant has been scheduled for September 13 to discuss revenue issues of common concern.

The revenue-raising group will not meet as scheduled September 19. If there is a need for a meeting in September, it will be held in conjunction with the Big Darby Accord Working Group meeting on September 26.

2008 NPDES Phase II annual meeting will he held during the second or third week of August at the Brown Township offices in conjunction with a tour of storm water management techniques that will be a part of the new high school.

Coming Events

bulletBig Darby Accord Advisory Panel, September 11, 1:30 p.m., Memorial Hall
bulletZoning Group, September 12, 9 a.m., Memorial Hall
bulletTown Center Master Plan Client Group, 2 p.m., Prairie Township Hall
bulletCounty/townships staff TIF discussion with consultant, 4 p.m., Prairie Township Hall
bulletBig Darby Accord Working Group, September 26, 9 a.m., Memorial Hall

Old Business:
A reminder was announced the next meeting will be held 9/28/2007 at 5:30 pm.

Harold Jerman asked if the trustees knew of any progress in repairing a section of the ditch on Morris Rd. Neither had heard any updates from Franklin County Engineers office and Trustee Williams said he would check into the matter.

New Business:
Harold Jerman reported the curve sign on Morris Rd had been damaged and needed to be reset. Trustee Dever motioned to contact a contractor to complete the repair. The motion was seconded by Trustee Williams and passed with two yeas. Trustee Dever will contact a contractor to begin the repair.

Fiscal Officer Bloxam presented carpet samples and a quote to replace the carpeting in the township hall. Both trustees reviewed the samples and quote. Trustee Dever motioned to accept the proposal to remove the existing carpet and install commercial grade carpet as quoted. Trustee Williams seconded the motion. The motion passed with two yeas. Fiscal Officer Bloxam will contact the contractor to begin the installation.

Fiscal Officer Bloxam requested the trustees to review a property list provided by the insurance company to suggest changes or deletions. Both trustees reviewed the list and Fiscal Officer Bloxam will discuss changes with the insurance company.

As reported by Elizabeth Clark, NPDES would like to hold their 2008 Phase II annual meeting at the Brown Township offices sometime during the second or third week of August, 2008. Trustee Williams motioned to approve the request and host the meeting. Trustee Dever seconded the motion and it carried with two yeas.

With no further business, Trustee Dever moved to adjourn and was seconded by Trustee Williams. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

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